Roots of Calligraphy is coming from ancient Greek and means beauty + writing. It is a variation of visual arts. It can also be called fancy writing or lettering. A good explanation of calligraphy is ”the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner” (Mediavilla 1996: 18).

This is the tool that calligraphers use.


Modern Western calligraphyby Denis Brown


Old English Calligraphy by Denis Brown



From Chinese calligraphy expo.

Also graffiti is another subhead of calligraphy which is created much more later then other calligraphies. It has been created in the 1960s by writing (violating) to public to private property. Graffity always seemed as anarchist, destruction based and vandalism to society but in artist vision it has called passionate art which feeds the soul of todays expressionism. Eventhough graffiti and calligraphy share similar attributes still they are comin from different regions of communities and cultures.

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